The concept at “BETOP Inc.” is to analyze the long term performance of building materials. Our goal is to perform research on materials considering their scales of impact in buildings by performing tests on a material scale, component scale and building scale. This includes lab characterization, experimental tests, and whole building simulation analysis.


Material testing services provided include thermal, hygrothermal and optical characterization of building materials in addition to durability and ageing tests. The performance of materials in real size building envelope applications will also be  evaluated upon request. The performance evaluation of building materials at “BETOP Inc.” ranges from experimental testing and measurements using lab equipment and test cells to simulation modeling for long term assessment.

We provide the following tests based on the current ASTM and other applicable standards

  • Thermal conductivity measurements
  • Heat capacity measurements
  • Heat diffusion measurements
  • QUV Ageing
  • Spectral reflectance, transmittance and absorption
  • Thermal imaging
  • Freeze-thaw cycle tests
  • Moisture transmission
  • Hygroscopoic moisture isotherms

For further inquiries on material testing and pricing, please contact us.